KDE e.V. Thank You Policy

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Goals

Clause 1

The KDE Thank You page is designed for:

Section 3: Content

Clause 2

Each web entry will include the following information:
Clause 3

Donors will be removed from the Thank You Page in the following situations: Sysadmin group will be in charge of keeping the Thank You Page updated.

Clause 4

KDE won't make public distinctions between donors based on the value of their donations. Donors will be listed chronologically by the date when the donation was effective. Most recent donations are listed at the top.

Section 4: Coordination and responsibility

Clause 5

KDE e.V. Board will manage the financial and administrative aspects of donations.

Clause 6

KDE e.V. Board will determine further clauses and interpret the current ones in case of conflict.

This policy is maintained by the board of the KDE e.V.