Fiduciary Licensing Agreement

At the General Assembly of KDE e.V. in August 2008 the membership voted to adopt a Fiduciary Licensing Agreement as the preferred form for assigning copyright to KDE e.V. Copyright assignment is a personal act. It is entirely optional and at an individual developer, contributor or copyright holder's discretion whether to assign copyright to KDE e.V. or not. While there are various legal avenues available to do such an assignment, a Fiduciary License Agreement is one that preserves the spirit of Free Software and is easy to administer. The form for the Fiduciary Licensing Agreement is available from the resources page.

The Relicensing Policy restricts the ways in which KDE e.V. can relicense the code for which it holds the copyright.

The Fiduciary Licensing Agreement was created in cooperation with the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Versions of the FLA

The text of the FLA and the relicensing document has changed over time. Only the text of the particular document you may have signed applies. Most changes are of minor importance, but they are documented here.

Signers of the FLA

A lot of KDE contributors have signed the FLA. Among them are the following people (the numbers following the names indicate the version of the FLA that they have signed):