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  • Application for Supporting Membership. Fill out this form when applying for a corporate supporting membership.
  • New Member Questionnaire. Ordinary members should fill in this questionaire when applying for membership in the KDE e.V. Please note that your membership has to be proposed by an existing member to the membership.
  • Expense Report Forms. Please fill out this form when handing in receipts for costs the board has accepted to reimburse you for. These forms do not apply for trips to sprints, conferences, etc. those are governed by the Travel Cost Reimbursement Policy.
  • Proxy Instructions. If you are an active member of the KDE e.V. and are unable to attend the general assembly you can give a proxy (any other member who agrees to it, and does attend the general assembly) the right to vote for you. Fill out this form and make sure the board of KDE e.V. has received it (e.g. a scan sent by email) before the beginning of the assembly.
  • "Vereinfachter Zuwendungsnachweis". If you are donating money to the KDE e.V., you can use this form to make use of the German tax-exemption rules. For more information, please refer to the German tax information page. (in German).
  • Fiduciary Licensing Documents. The FLA can optionally be used to assign the copyright in your contributions to KDE to KDE e.V. General information about the FLA describes why this document is important and why you might want to sign it.
    • Older version FLA 1.3.5 (Fiduciary License Agreement) and FRP 1.3.5 (Fiduciary Relicensing Policy) which is referred to by the FLA version 1.3.5.
  • Agreement about local KDE organization. This agreement is used between KDE e.V. and a local organization representing KDE in a specific region. It grants the local organization the limited right to represent KDE locally and use the KDE trademark for that purpose. It's required that the local organization follows KDE e.V.'s goals and non-profit rules.