Trolltech becomes first Corporate Patron of KDE2007-02-27

Trolltech, the Norwegian company behind the Qt toolkit has become the second Patron of KDE. Trolltech itself should not need an introduction, since they have worked together with the KDE... Read full announcement

Sirius teams up with KDE2006-12-12

In a move to promote the KDE desktop in the Enterprise, the UK’s Open Source experts, Sirius Corporation, have become a Supporting Member of the KDE project. Sirius’ commitment to... Read full announcement

KDE e.V. Quarterly Report 2006Q3 Now Available2006-11-21

The KDE e.V. Quarterly Report is now available for July to September 2006. Topics covered include the outcomes from the 2006 membership meeting, the status of the Technical Working Group’s... Read full announcement

Mark Shuttleworth joins KDE e.V. as a Patron2006-10-14

At the event celebrating the 10th birthday of the KDE project, Eva Brucherseifer, the president of the KDE e.V., announced that Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind Canonical and Ubuntu, joined... Read full announcement

KDE e.V. Membership Assembly 20062006-09-01

The annual general membership assembly of the KDE e.V. 2006 took place in Dublin during aKademy 2006. The board was extended to five members with Adriaan de Groot and Sebastian... Read full announcement

KDE e.V. Supporting Memberships2006-07-01

The rules of procedure for the supporting membership of the KDE e.V. are available in English and German. Read full announcement

KDE e.V. Membership Council2005-09-01

The 2005 assembly meeting took place at aKademy 2005 in Malaga, Spain. A new board was elected and the assembly votes to add technical guidance as a responsibility of KDE... Read full announcement

Articles of Association (Statutes) of KDE e.V. now available in English2005-08-01

An English translation of KDE e.V.’s Articles of Association is now available. Read full announcement

New KDE e.V. Statutes2004-10-01

Effective from 15th October 2004 new KDE e.V. statutes are actice. You can find them (in German only at the moment) on the “Statutes and Articles” page. Read full announcement

KDE e.V. Membership Council2004-08-01

KDE Community World Summit was held spanning 9 days of talks, tutorials, discussion rounds and coding activities. Read full announcement