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Become a Supporting Member of the KDE e.V.

There are many ways to support KDE. Individuals contribute time and effort to writing the software, promoting the KDE desktop and otherwise supporting the community. Organizations contribute their infrastructure, support channels, and their employees' or members' time to the project. For individuals and organizations interested in contributing financially to the KDE project in order to enable developer meetings, community events and to support the KDE infrastructure, there is the option of entering into supporting membership of KDE e.V.

By becoming a supporting member of the KDE e.V. you contribute to the e.V. financially. Through your financial contribution the KDE e.V. sponsors events such as the KDE developer sprints, the yearly world meeting Akademy, QA meetings, scientific research and trade fairs attendance. KDE e.V. also supports the KDE infrastructure and ensures that the project runs smoothly on that infrastructure. By supporting the e.V. you support the KDE project.

As an association, the KDE e.V. has ordinary members from the community of KDE developers, translators, users and contributors. The supporting members play a special role in enabling the association to meet its financial goals as a non-profit organization supporting the KDE project.

Supporting members pay a yearly membership fee to the KDE e.V., based on individual or organizational membership and the level of commitment the supporting member wishes to show. The usual levels of support are

Supporting members of KDE are entitled to display the "Member of KDE" logo on their website or in printed materials.

Organizations and individuals wishing to show exceptional financial commitment to the KDE project may extend their supporting membership with additional patronage. Patrons of KDE pay yearly membership fees of:

  • Individuals, small organizations €5000
  • Large organizations €10000

These patrons of KDE are entitled to display the exclusive "Patron of KDE" logo on their website or in printed materials.

Patrons of KDE are further guaranteed a seat on our Advisory Board and an invitation to the sponsors dinner at our annual flagship event, Akademy. Both present excellent opportunities to network with the other distinguished partners in the KDE ecosystem and further support the community.

The KDE e.V. is accepted as a tax-exempt non-profit organization by the German financial authorities. That means that supporting membership fees are tax deductible for individuals and organizations residing in Germany.

The supporting members of KDE e.V. are subscribed to the supporting members mailing list so that they can be kept up-to-date on the activities of the KDE e.V. and be informed of what their supporting memberships make possible. Supporting members are invited to attend the annual general assembly of KDE e.V. at Akademy which has been held in Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and many other places.

Become a Supporting Member

For individuals, we have the KDE Supporting Member program. Find more information and sign up on the website.

For partners that are organizations, please see the rules of procedures for supporting members for details.

If you have decided to become a supporting member, please fill out the application form and send it to us.

See the list of supporting members to find out who already is supporting KDE this way.