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Agenda General Assembly KDE e.V. 2017

This is the agenda for the general membership assembly of KDE e.V. 2017.
It takes place at Universidad de Almería in Almería, Spain, on 21st of July starting at 10:00 am.

= Agenda =

1 Welcome
2 Election of a chairman for the general assembly
3 Report of the board
3.1 Report about activities
3.2 Report of the treasurer
3.3 Report of the auditors of accounting
3.4 Relief of the board
4 Report of representatives, working groups and task forces of KDE e.V.
4.1 Report of the representatives to the KDE Free Qt Foundation
4.2 Report of the System Administration Working Group
4.3 Report of the Community Working Group
4.4 Report of the Financial Working Group
4.5 Report of the Advisory Board Working Group
4.6 Report of the Fundraising Working Group
4.7 Report of the KDE League Task Force
4.8 Report of the Web Task Force
4.9 Report of the Marketing Contractors
5 Election of board (3 position open)
6 Election of Auditors of Accounting
7 Election of Representatives of the KDE Free Qt Foundation
8 Miscellaneous

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