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KDE e.V. elects a board of directors, which represents KDE e.V. and runs its business.

You can contact the board of KDE e.V. at kde-ev-board@kde.org.

Board of Directors

Lydia Pintscher



Lydia Pintscher has been with KDE since 2006. She started doing marketing, and later community and release management for Amarok. She has since moved on to community management and running mentoring programs for all of KDE. She is on the board of directors of KDE e.V. since 2011. In her day-job she does product management for Wikidata at Wikimedia Germany.


Eike Hein

Treasurer and Vice President


Eike Hein has been a KDE contributor since 2005. Initially working on applications and later on Plasma as developer and designer, he has also served on KDE's Sysadmin team and co-authored the KDE Manifesto. Eike joined the KDE e.V. board of directors in 2017.


Aleix Pol i Gonzàlez

Vice President


Aleix Pol i Gonzàlez has been collaborating with KDE since 2007. He started working in software development in the KDE Education area and KDevelop. Aleix joined the KDE e.V. board of directors in 2014. In his day-job, he is employed by BlueSystems where he has worked with other parts of the community including Plasma and Qt.


Thomas Pfeiffer

Board Member


Thomas Pfeiffer first got into KDE in 2008 as a participant of Season of Usability, a program for students to do a usability project in a Free Software community. Since then, he has contributed to many different KDE projects as a usability consultant and interaction designer. Since he got engaged in the KDE Vision creation process, Thomas has also increasingly contributed in the area of (public) communication.


Andy Betts

Board Member


Andy has been a long-time Linux contributor in UI/UX. Andy's initial contributions started with openSUSE and most recently as part of KDE. Andy participates of the Visual Design Group. Andy enjoys beautiful interfaces and making new connections in the community. Andy resides in Utah in the United States and in his day job Andy is a Human Resources professional.


Petra Gillert

Assistant of the board


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