Call for Hosts for Akademy 2012

The KDE e.V. invites proposals to host Akademy, the yearly KDE contributors conference and community summit, during the Summer of 2012. Akademy is the biggest gathering of the community and includes a two-day conference, the general assembly of the members of the KDE e.V., and a week of coding, meeting, and discussing.

Proposals for Akademy are warmly welcomed, and should aim for 350-400 attendees.

Proposals for Akademy should be sent to Deadline for proposals is October 1st 2011, so that the board has enough time to decide on proposals. Key points which proposals should consider, and which will be taken into account when deciding among candidates, are: See the detailed requirements pdf for more information about what it needs to host Akademy. The conference will require availability of facilities for one week, including a weekend, during Summer. Dates should avoid other key free software conferences. A few words of advice: organizing a conference of this size is hard work, but there are many people in the community with experience who will be there to help you. Bear in mind that people coming to these conferences do so primarily to meet up with old friends and have fun, and so the hallway track and social activities are very important.