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KDE e.V. supported developer meetings 

General Information

KDE e.V. has a good tradition of supporting developer meetings. These focused gatherings of a small group of developers in a productive environment are one of the most effective ways to get something done for KDE. Amazing results are the rule, not the exception. Money spent on these developer meetings is money well spent.

The goal is to have approximately ten small developer meetings per year to help ensure that KDE is strong throughout its continued development. Usually there are 10-15 people at the meetings. We have a newbie quota, so at least one or two new developers are invited as well. For documenting the results we require a story on the dot.

Upcoming developer meetings

If you are a KDE contributor and would like to organize a developer meeting, please get in contact with the KDE e.V. Board.

Most Developer meetings are managed via the Reimbursements Website.

List of past developer meetings

We maintain a list of past developer meetings on our Community Wiki. On this page, you can find information on developer meetings KDE e.V. including pointers to what has been achieved during these meetings.