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KDE e.V. Activities 


Since 2003 the KDE e.V. has organized an annual meeting of the KDE community. It includes a conference, time for coding, meetings and the annual membership meeting of the e.V. It has been known under the name Akademy since 2004. It is the biggest meeting of the worldwide KDE community.


Developer Meetings

The KDE e.V. supports focused developer meetings. These small but intensive get-togethers of developers to work on dedicated topics for a few days have proven to be a very efficient tool to get useful and exciting work done. The e.V. supports these by taking over travel costs and helping with organization.


Fiduciary Licensing Agreement (FLA)

Copyright assignment is a personal act. It is entirely optional and at an individual developer, contributor or copyright holder's discretion whether to assign copyright to KDE e.V. or not. While there are various legal avenues available to do such an assignment, a Fiduciary License Agreement is one that preserves the spirit of Free Software and is easy to administer.


Community Partnership Program

The goal of KDE e.V. is to support free software development, promotion, and education in general, and KDE specifically. We perceive ourselves to be part of the greater free software movement, embedded in the broad context of free culture. While we are dedicated to supporting the KDE community, we also work together with other communities, organizations and individuals to further our common goals. The Community Partnership Program provides a framework for cooperation.



The KDE e.V. helps representing KDE at events like trade shows and conferences. It does this by subsidizing travel costs or by providing material like the KBoothBox.

KDE Free Qt Foundation

The KDE e.V. and Trolltech jointly founded the KDE Free Qt Foundation in 1998. The purpose of this foundation is to ensure that the Graphical User Interface Toolkit Qt on which KDE is based will always be available as free software.


The KDE e.V. owns the trademarks on KDE and the K Desktop Environment logo. They are registered in the United States and the European Union.


The KDE e.V. helps running the infrastructure needed by the KDE community. This includes servers for SVN, mail, web site, bug tracking, download.

KDE e.V. handles the legal issues around the KDE project as well. Its primary instrument is the Fiduciary License Agreement through which the copyright on KDE source code can be consolidated. The Free Software Foundation Europe provides assistance in legal matters.