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Trolltech becomes first Corporate Patron of KDE

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Trolltech, the Norwegian company behind the Qt toolkit has become the second Patron of KDE. Trolltech itself should not need an introduction, since they have worked together with the KDE project since its inception ten years ago. Knut Irvin, the community manager for Trolltech points out that "KDE does an excellent job of making UNIX-based desktops easy to use. Trolltech gains from feedback, bug reports and the spread of Qt through the success of KDE".

Being a Patron of KDE is an ideal way to both support the KDE project and become a more active member of the KDE community. After the inaugural membership of Mark Shuttleworth, Trolltech is the first corporate Patron of KDE.

"Being a Patron of KDE should help KDE when organising developer gatherings and organising the voluntary effort done by thousands of developers", Irvin continues. Trolltech's involvement with KDE is widely-acknowledged, the company providing the Qt toolkit, a high performance, cross-platform developer framework which is distributed as Free Software under the terms of the GPL license.

Patrons of KDE may display the "Patron of KDE" logo on their website and any other material for as long as they are a Patron of KDE and will be listed on the KDE e.V. website, if they so wish. This is the highest level of membership available within KDE e.V., and will allow KDE e.V. to continue its work supporting and maintaining the structures of development.

Of course, aside from financial matters, sponsors of KDE are a vital part of the vibrant community outreach and relations scheme - feedback from all our supporters helps to shape our shared goals and future development.

KDE e.V. wishes to thank all its current supporters, and would like to invite all interested parties to help us continue to serve the KDE community.