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KDE e.V. Marketing Working Group


The Marketing Working Group exists as a mechanism which provides an additional layer of support to KDE-Promo team activities. In this role the group members will take responsibility for:
  1. Creating and expanding regional KDE user communities.
  2. Ensuring communication of all KDE regional successes in a coordinated manner such that they are heard around the world.
  3. Providing guidance to new contributors seeking to join or help the KDE-Promo team and to introduce them into the wider KDE community.
  4. Documenting efforts in these areas within quarterly e.V. reports in order to measure the growth and success of the KDE-Promo community

In addition the Marketing Working Group also takes up dealing with marketing issues that might require discussion outside of the public KDE-Promo mailing list. This could include long term planning and coordination with other teams and organisations outside of KDE. The Marketing Working Group also acts as an additional point of contact between members of KDE's marketing teams in Asia, Europe and North and South America.


  • Carl Symons (csymons @ kde.org)
  • Inge Wallin (ingwa @ kde.org)
  • Jos Poortvliet (jospoortvliet @ kde.org)



Please note that while the Marketing Working Group is always happy to assist with any type of promotional inquiries there are many other specialized communication channels which have been put in place depending on your needs:

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